Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beachbody Coaching

I remember when I first heard of these "beach body coaches". I remember thinking about how awesome it was and how I would truly NEVER BE CUT OUT for something like that. I kept seeing women & moms like me creating a life by design, getting to stay home with their kids, & creating lifelong friendships. I was needing to lose some baby weight and just could not get it together. I was not perfect in my health and fitness and I just truly believed that nobody would ever relate to someone like me.

But you know what?? That's the secret. Coaches aren't successful because they are PERFECTIONISTS with fitness and health, they are successful because they are REAL PEOPLE.

Our team, Inspire, and I are PASSIONATE about what we do as coaches. We strive  to encourage and inspire women everywhere to become the BEST version of themselves. We are a team of teachers, nurses, military wives, students,  & stay at home moms who TRULY want to INSPIRE happiness and encouragement onto others throughout their daily lives and in their fitness journeys.

We are more than just a team. We are friends... and there is PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOU to join us!!

PREFERRED CUSTOMER/COACH- someone who just LOVES the products and would love to pay the coach price instead of full price!             

   HOBBY COACH- someone who loves the products, as well as encouraging a few others top hop on board, maybe would like to build a part-time business              

  ALL IN COACH- has big dreams and goals that could be made possible with the income provided in the  coaching business opportunity

  • 25% personal discount on Beachbody all products
  • Fully operational eCommerce online store/websites
  • Business online office (Marketing, Promotional, Reporting, and Personal Development tools)
  • No inventory to carry. Beachbody handles everything.
  • New products invented regularly
  • Customer Lead Program - Once you've qualified for the program (can be achieved within the first month), Beachbody will assign you customers from infomercials that are purchasing a product that do not already have a coach.
  • Flexible hours - Work as little or as much as you want, when you want
  • 25% commission on anything someone buys from your site
  • Paid on a weekly basis
  • Unlimited earnings potential
What are the benefits of joining my team?
  • My mentorship from a  business standpoint
  • Access to a community of TOP coaches all striving for the same goal
  • Access to Coach trainings and easily duplicated system 
  •  New Coach Training from an Elite Beachbody Team (top 1% in the company)
Click the Image below to RSVP to our Teams LIVE Sneak Peek into everything Coaching!! Hear me chat all about this amazing opportunity, have your questions answered, & fun with some giveaways!! Or email to chat more!!

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