Friday, May 29, 2015

How Challenge Groups Have Changed My Life

My fitness and health before starting challenge groups was difficult and not consistent. I was 4 months post baby and I lacked the motivation needed to get back into shape. Before I was pregnant, I was confident and felt comfortable in my own skin. That was completely different after having my son. I lacked confidence, when I looked in the mirror I did not recognize that person, and I constantly had negative thoughts about myself running through my head. I was going to the gym and eating "healthy" but was not getting results. Everything changed both physically and mentally for me when I joined my first challenge group.

I was hesitant to join an online group with women and men I had never met before. Honestly who isn't?!? We are scared because we fear judgement and we think we have nothing to share. Trust me these thoughts ran through my head a million times. I am the type of person who thinks I can do everything on my own and hate asking others for help. I would rather struggle and fail a million times before asking for help. BUT...I was at point where I knew I needed help. I was not holding myself accountable, made every excuse possible, and I was not making any progress. 

My first challenge group saved my life...and no this is not an exaggeration! The group provided me with everything I was needing and much more. If you are anything like me you are competitive and when others are counting on you to show up you have to succeed. I had a coach and the other challengers in the group posting daily on their progress, completing their workout, eating a healthy meal, and motivating me to do the same. Negativity was not an option and I was constantly reminded daily that I was worth it to make the change! This type of thing drives me to push myself and failure was no longer option.

In the challenge group I was provided all the tools I needed to succeed. In the first week we spent time talking about measurements, meal planning, recipes, and what to expect with the program. Over the next 21 days I was motivated daily to stick with my meal plan, get my workout in, provided with food ideas, and supported by others when I had a bad day. I thought I had it all figured out till I joined this group. I learned portion control and clean eating. I learned this is a lifestyle change and 1 bad day does not define you or the progress you are making towards your goals. I learned I am WORTH it! I learned I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I learned setting goals is important and when you think it, you believe it and will become it! Challenge groups changed my life and I want to share with everyone this experience and maybe just maybe change a few lives along the way!

Fear is normal and if you have fear that is a good thing that means you are moving in the right direction towards change! Any change especially a change regarding your health and lifestyle is terrifying. Trust me on this will be a change you will never regret. You are WORTH it and your health is not something to chance! I want to show you how to live a healthier life. I want to show you it is not rocket science, there is no magic pill or quick fix to live healthy. Let me show you how 30 minute workouts, portion control, shakeology, and change groups can change your life!

My next group is forming now Jiggle Free June and I want you in my group! I want to help you! MSG me for more information or to get started! To give you even more incentive to join me from now until June 30th for every 21 day fix or fix extreme package sold, beachbody will donate $10 to the International Justice Mission! Get healthy and help a great mission at the same time!

Watch this video to get more information on challenge groups!

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