Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My health journey

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to start a blog to share my fitness journey and hopefully inspire/help others along the way!

I started my fitness journey 4 months after having my sweet baby boy Krayton. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and did not have any self confidence whatsoever. I was fit before my baby, worked out every morning before work and ate relatively "healthy" or so I thought. After having Krayton I tried going to the gym, I tried counting calories, I tried eating healthy and I was running out of options to lose the extra baby weight. I did not want to go to the gym for an hour or more each day and spend less time at home with my husband and baby. So what was I going to do??

I was sitting on facebook scrolling aimlessly when I stumbled upon a friends post about the 21 day fix. Curious I messaged her and thought to myself could this at-home workout/nurtrition really work? NO WAY! But there was a little voice inside my head telling me to give it a shot. I ordered the 21 day fix and never looked back once I started the program. 


The program consist of 30 minute workouts with a different workout for each day, portion control containers, eating guide and shakeolgy. When I got the portion control containers I thought to myself I am going to starve!! I was wrong again...this was more than enough food and I had been doing it wrong all along! It takes the guess work out of losing weight and makes meal planning/eating so easy. And shakeology is simply amazing and my favorite meal of the day (we will save my love for it for another post)! I went full force with this program for 21 days and my results blew me away! 

I have continued with the 21 day fix nutrition and have tried out Insanity Max:30 and 21 day fix extreme from Beachbody. I have loved every single program and have continued to lose weight and tone up. Since starting the programs in November I have lost a total of 18 lbs and 11 inches! I am lower than my pre-baby weight, more toned, and feel better! I will continue to eat clean and do at home workouts. There is no turning back for this momma!

Left picture: 4 months post baby. Right picture: 9 months post baby
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have your pre-baby body back or that you can't get fit! We all start somewhere and if we want to change we can make it happen. Are you ready for a change?

 If you want more information or want to join my next challenge group check out my page or email me!

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