Sunday, November 29, 2015

Healthy Food Subsititutions

A question I receive often in my coaching business is do I really have to give that up?! This could be referring to breads, pastas, alcohol, desserts, or anything for that matter! Change is hard, often times there are a lot of misconceptions with healthy eating and healthy food substitutions. Eating a smaller portion of something that is not healthy, will not get you results or help your overall health. You must eat the correct portion size of a healthy food. 

I am going to share with you a list of food substitutions to make when cooking or to make your every day meals a little healthier.

Ingredient/food:                                               Substitute:

  1. Alcohol                                                             Red Wine
  2. Rice                                                                   Quinoa
  3. Mayo, Sour Cream                                        Plain Greek Yogurt
  4. Bread Crumbs                                                Rolled Oats
  5. Butter/Vegetable or Canola Oil               Coconut Oil (cooking) or Applesauce (baking)
  6. Potato                                                              Sweet Potato
  7. Milk                                                                 Almond Milk
  8. Salt                                                                   Sea Salt
  9. Bread/Wraps                                                 Whole Grain bread/tortilla or Corn Tortilla
  10. Ground Beef                                                   Turkey Meat
  11. Salad Dressing                                               Oil and Vinegar
  12. Sugar                                                               Pure cane sugar or Truvia
  13. Flour                                                                Wheat, almond, or coconut flour
  14. Pizza Crust                                                      Cauliflower crust
  15. Mashed Potatoes                                           Mashed cauliflower
  16. Pasta                                                                Spaghetti Squash
  17. Syrup                                                               Honey or Pure Maple Syrup
  18. Bacon                                                               Turkey Bacon
  19. Peanut Butter                                                 Almond Butter or PB2
  20. Fruit Juices                                                     Water with fruit
  21. French Fries                                                    Sweet Potato Fries
  22. Chocolate                                                         Chocolate with 70% or higher cocoa

There are so many easy food substitutions that can be made in the kitchen to help you begin making the change to a healthier lifestyle. These are some of them, but there are so many more you could do! If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating, portion control, and meal planning I would love to chat and help you!

My next online health and fitness groups kicks off soon! Fill out the application below or email me to get more information, healthy eating tips, and to join me! 

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