Monday, December 14, 2015

Pursue Your Dreams: Make 2016 Your Best Year EVER and Join Team Inspire!

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I can't help but think of my dreams growing up and even a few years ago. After college I thought I would land the perfect job of working in a hospital as a Child Life Specialists. One year after college, I was married and pregnant, I was working a job I was unhappy with because my heart wasn't in it. I had always said when we had kids I would stay home with them.

Well, reality set in and our finances did not allow for this to happen. I cried every single day I had to drop our sweet boy off at daycare because I wanted to be home to give him kisses, hug him after a fall, watch his first steps, cuddle him to sleep, and enjoy every moment of these precious years. 

Fast forward 4 months after having our son, Krayton. I desperately wanted to get back into shape and lose all the baby weight. The gym was not an option since it required more time away from my family. I started a Beachbody program (21 day fix) and instantly fell in love with the home workouts, simplified nutrition, and amazingness of Shakeology to provide me my healthiest meal of the day! I completed 1 round of the 21 day fix and knew deep down I was went meant to do more with this, I was meant to do more with this life!! I knew I could help so many other women struggling to lose weight, find self-confidence, and pursue their dreams!!

Confident and in love with the person I am!
I was not and am not perfect in any aspect of my life, that is the beautiful thing about coaching. You are surrounded by other women who want to better their lives, build you up rather than tear you down, women who want to help you succeed, and accountability in your own health journey. I believe that you can achieve anything you desire with love, hard work, support, and the right tools! 
As a coach you will be on your own health/fitness journey and helping others along in theirs. You will be provided training from a Top 50 team in the company. Tools that have been tested and shown success to help you get started and be successful in the business!!  

So what it is I am asking you to do?? I am asking to think to yourself: 
*Am I happy with my health right now? 
*Am I happy with my self-confidence or self-perspective?
*Am I happy with my job or finances right now? 
*Do I feel a calling to do more with my life?

If any of these questions have you wanting to change your life then I have an opportunity that is a ONCE in a lifetime chance to make your life and so many others lives better!! Coaching is not just about you it is about making an impact on the others around you as well!! Everyone wants to get healthy, not worry about money, and live life more freely. I have ALL that and much MORE to offer as a Coach on Team Inspire!!
Beachbody Super Saturday Event!!

In one short year, I have lost all my baby weight and more, I am in the best shape of my life! I have made friendships with some of the most amazing I have ever met! I have been able to quit my job to stay at home full-time with our son, help pay for gas/groceries/bills each month, pay for a trip we are taking to Mexico in April, and I can live life by our design!! I literally get to live out my dream every single day all while getting healthy and helping others!! ALL of this happened because I took a leap of faith and said why not me?? Why can't I have more out of this?? This could be YOU!!

2015 was a great year, but I have been gearing up for 2016 and this is going to be a year to remember for Team Inspire!! If you are:
*If you are a go getter
*If you are driven
*If you are motivated
*If you are independent
*If you are wanting to better your health
*If you believe you are worthy of something great
*If you have the drive to build a life by design
*If you want to fire your boss
*If you want to work from home
*If you want to wake up and decide how to spend your days
Then I want YOU on my team!!!

If this at all interests you, you want to learn more information, or chat more about this amazing opportunity here are the next steps. You can email me at, join my 3 day Sneak Peak into everything coaching starting Decemeber 21st, or fill out the application below!! 

It is time for you take action! You were meant for more and to do GREAT things with your life! Take the leap of faith and build the life you dream of! You were meant to shine bright!! 

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