Sunday, August 21, 2016

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Working out anytime especially while pregnant may seem like a chore. From feeling nauseous to a growing belly in the first trimester; body changes & sleepless nights in the second trimester; to barely making it to the bathroom in third trimester. Working out when you feel completely exhausted a majority of the time may not sound like a good idea but there are so many benefits to being active during pregnancy.

21 weeks pregnant
1) Keep pregnancy weight gain in the healthy range.
2) Increases your energy. This may seem contradictory since you are exercising but hormones are released which make you feel better after a workout.
3) Reduces risk of gestational diabetes.
4) Improves your sleep.
5) Keeps your digestive system on track.
6) Reduces pregnancy aches & pains. Helps reduce swelling!
7) Improves your immune system.
8) Lowers your blood pressure.
9) Help boost your mood during & after pregnancy. Making you feel better about yourself, the life you created, & everything about this new life as momma.
10) Makes labor & delivery easier.
11) Helps recover faster post-birth.

25 weeks pregnant
The list of benefits go on and on for working out when pregnant. It may seem hard especially when you don't feel like moving off the couch. But you will feel revived, healthy, & your baby reaps the benefits as well! If you are pregnant or post-baby, I would love to chat with you about getting started with your health & fitness journey! My journey started after our first baby, so I know how hard it can be during/after pregnancy to get started or even know where to begin! YOU are WORTH!! Let me help you gain your confidence back & feel amazing!

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