Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Free Meal Prep 101 Group

You have probably heard the saying before "you can't out work a bad diet" well I am here to tell you that is true! Nutrition makes up for 80% of our results, if we want to reach our health & fitness goals the work has to be done in the kitchen along with exercise. One of my other favorite sayings "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" which may sound a little harsh but SO true, especially when it comes to your eating. 

We are all busy as moms, working full-time, or going to school with schedules that keep us on the go, some days it can be impossible to cook all your meals at home. Which leaves you to grab something quick & if you are not prepared it is most likely unhealthy. This my friends is where MEAL PREP comes in handy!! Without meal prep the chances for you to grab unhealthy & quick snacks/meals increases.

So you are probably wondering...
*What is meal prep? 
*How can I meal prep with my busy schedule?
*How do I meal plan for a week?
*How do I grocery shop for a week?
*What is clean eating?
*How much of each food group do I need daily?

Trust me, I had all these questions too!! And I am here to tell you, meal prep is going to become your new best friend :) I will answer all the questions and more in our team's 7 Day Free Meal Prep 101 group, starting September 12th and ending September 18th. 

Some of my meal prep!

I will provide:
*All the tools and support you need to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep for a week! 
*Sample meal plans and grocery lists!
*Meal prep tips and references to help make it as simple as possible!
*You will have get tools to take with you to continue on with a healthy lifestyle!

All you have to do is fill out the application below or email me to join!! Can't wait to have you join and learn tons of amazing information on how to get started with living a healthy lifestyle! 

Check out the youtube video posted below with more details about the group!!

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