Thursday, May 14, 2015

Opportunity Awaits

Have you ever stopped and thought about how one decision can change your whole life? I believe God gives us opportunities and puts things in our life at just the right time. I was 2 months post baby and I was struggling with my own self-image and all the emotional changes that come along with being a new mom. I had tried the gym and eating "healthy" but I wasn't losing weight. I would get upset with myself for going to the gym and not spending time with my family. I felt guilty for taking some time to work on me. I knew I needed a change and I stumbled upon a Facebook post about the 21 day fix and 30 minute workouts. I had seen several posts like this before and kept scrolling. But on that day there was a voice telling me to give it a try, it will work, just do it!  That is where my life completely changed and I started my first Beachbody program. 

After 1 round of the 21 day fix
Looking at the picture above brings both unhappy and happy emotions to me. I remember taking that before picture, the thoughts I had about myself and being ashamed. The smile on my face was forced and I vowed I would never EVER share my before picture. I looked at this before picture often throughout my 21 days. I was not in a challenge group I had not even heard about them yet. I purchased the program, the only support I had for my first round of the 21 day fix was myself and my husband. Was it hard to make this change? YES! Like anything it is hard to make a change especially when my life was already changing so much being a new mom. But I knew I wanted/needed a change and I was the only one who could do it! 

While doing my first round of the 21 day fix, I saw a Facebook post from my now coach about her challenge group that was getting ready to start. I messaged her and learned about this amazing online group where I could get support, motivation, tips and much more. She also mentioned to me I could sign up as a coach for discounts on my shakeology. I signed up as a coach and joined my first challenge group. I was immediately hooked and knew that I had to share this with everyone! And that meant sharing my before and after picture...YIKES!! I have always laughed at people who posted selfies and posted their workouts...and here I was about to put myself out there! So I talked with my husband and he encouraged me to share my pictures. There I was sitting on phone trying to get up enough courage to post this! 

I knew I wanted to help others get results just like I had done. How could I not share this amazing program with others! I started learning more about the coaching opportunity, I started making friends through my team page, I was getting on team calls and learning what this business had to offer. I saw moms staying at home with their kids and making money. Then I thought to myself, why not me? This is where my mindset changed from wanting a simple discount to wanting more! I have always dreamed of staying home with my kids...this is my God sized dream! I believe with everything in me that God put Beachbody in my life at just the right time. Am I where I want to be yet? NO. Can I stay home yet? NO. But that is not stopping me from pursuing my dreams and helping others do the same! I am creating my life of freedom one day at a time and one day my God sized dream will be a reality!

It does not matter whether you just started your journey, whether your a working mom, stay at home mom or a teacher; coaching can be for you. That is the beauty of this business, what you put in to it you get out of it! In the beginning I would just work for a few hours at night. Now I want this more than anything and I work before anyone else gets up, on my lunch break, and late at night.  Whether you want to be a coach for the discount, pay for shakes, make some extra money or grow a business you can be successful! This business can fit to your needs and lifestyle. 

Next week there is a 5 day sneak peak into coaching. This is a closed Facebook group where you learn:
  • what coaching is all about
  • what coaches actually do
  • how to grow your business and attract customers
  • use social media...maybe even learning how to take a great selfie HA :)
  • how to make money as a coach
  • how to get started!
If you are ready to learn more and this even slightly has you thinking about joining me as a coach message me! This a free look into what ALL coaching has to offer you, you have nothing to lose! 

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