Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Shakeology?

I have always been skeptical of protein shakes and what they can actually do for you. When I ordered my challenge pack for the 21 day fix it came with a 30 day supply of shakeology. I had no idea what shakeology was and I thought to myself, I will drink the first bag and cancel the shipment after that. I immediately fell in love with shakeology and all the benefits I was seeing from it. 

When choosing which flavor to get, I knew I wanted to order the chocolate to help curb my cravings. I am huge chocolate/sweets person and I love late night two weaknesses. I knew in order to have success with my fitness and weight loss I needed to get these 2 things under control. Within the first month of drinking shakeology I did not eat any chocolate or sweets. I did not crave junk anymore because I was getting my fix in every morning with the shakeology. 

Why I love shakeology? 
I love it because I am a super busy mom and this is my one DUH meal of the day. It is convenient in the morning to make and I know I am getting my complete nutrition in one shake. It supplies me with energy to keep up with my family and my busy lifestyle! When I don't have time to make a complete meal I can just whip out a shake and it is tastier than most foods. It had decreased my cravings for sweets and minimized my bad snacking habits. Shakeology has helped me lose weight and stay on track with my eating plan! I spend less money on groceries since it is a meal replacement. 

What can shakeology do for you? 
It can help you lose weight, increase your energy and be the healthiest you.  Shakeology can help you reduce cravings and promote healthy digestion and regularity. Shakeology recommends that you replace one meal per day with a shake along with regular exercise and a balanced diet, participants who did this experienced remarkable health improvements.  Shakeology can reduce your total cholesterol, reduce LDL cholesterol, reduce cardiovascular risk, and reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals. 

Why should you drink shakeology over other meal replacement shakes and protein shakes? There are many other shakes and nutritional drinks out there.  Some brands try to combine all the nutritional groups together but they don’t quite come close. Shakeology has over 70 all natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or flavoring, and no extra additives or preservatives. It provides you with all nutrients and vitamins you need daily plus more! If you drank these other drinks, you’d still have to buy some additional supplements to get all the nutrition you’d get in shakeology. That can be both inconvenient and expensive. All the supplements pictured could cost up to $250 if purchased separately. Which is double the price of shakeology. Isn't your health worth $4 a day? 
Shakeology provides all this and more for half this price!

If you are interested in purchasing Shakeology or want some more information on it message me. Or check out my Shakeology website! This month I am also running a special with the purchase of Shakeology HD I will give you PiYo program for free! 

May Special: Free PiYo program with purchase of Shakeology HD

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