Sunday, October 25, 2015

Free 7 Day Clean Eating Group

It is the season of Thanksgiving and giving back to others. I wanted to give the opportunity to my followers, friends and family to learn healthy eating habits. I have decided to offer a FREE 7 day clean eating group, so many people have said they do not where to start with clean eating or the basics of it.

My life changed when I started clean eating, portion control, and Beachbody programs. I was going to the gym and eating "healthy" so I thought. When I truly began to transform was when I understood clean eating and what I was putting into my body.

Trust me, it is hard to make a lifestyle change, to truly be honest with yourself about what you are eating and how you are treating yourself. It was hard to get rid of my overload of coffee creamer, excessive amounts of peanut butter, and snacks!! But in time and with the desire to can do it! I have found recipes and foods that work for the whole family! I am not deprived of anything, rather I found the healthier versions of everything!

The book that changed it all for me and helped me truly understand what I was putting into my body is called 'The Perfect 10 Diet' by Michael Aziz. I preach not being on diet, and this is not a diet book. It has steps for cutting out the bad food in our lives and tells us what to put into your body to properly nourish it. This book completely changed the way I look at food! 

I would like to help you get started with the process by giving you a 7 day meal plan, grocery list, daily accountability and motivation!

Requirements to join:
1) Make me your official beachbody coach and create a FREE account. This allows me to send you meal plans, tips, grocery lists, and motivation!
2) Participate in the private online group
3) Invite others to join you! We all love having someone to do things with, what better way to start something new than with a friend or two! You are more likely to stick with it when others around you are joining in!

What do get when you join?
1) 7 day meal plan
2) grocery list
3) daily tips 
4) a place to check in, ask questions, and get support
5) strategies to handle life and how to stay on track

Are you ready to get started? The group will kick off Monday November 9th, so reserve your spot today!

Email me at, send me a message on my facebook page or fill out the application below to enroll in the free group!

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