Saturday, January 2, 2016

Getting Healthy for the New Year

It is a new year and you might sitting down to think about your goals for 2016. If getting healthy is on your list, this year does not have to be like the years past. This year can be YOUR year to kick some bootay and not just succeed at getting healthy but get in the best shape of your LIFE!!! The top resolution every year is fitness and by the end of January more than half have already given up. Why is this???

I personally think people give up so quickly because they do not know where to begin or have the right tools. They don't have the support or daily motivation to help them push through the tough days and pick them up when they had a bad day of eating. So many Americans try to 'diet' and let's be really honest with ourselves, diets don't work. Diets don't work because it is not part of your lifestyle, you will for the rest of your life count calories or points. For me that is no way to live!! 

To truly be successful at achieving your resolutions for a healthier 2016, you need to learn a healthier way of living. This includes the right kinds of foods to fuel body, correct portion amounts of foods, daily workouts, a support system, and learning how to incorporate this into your life so it is a lifestyle and not a quick fix! I am going to share with you how you can do this!!

1) Find a program that works for you. if you say you will get gym membership but know deep down you won't go then this isn't a good option. Figure out what you enjoy during for workouts and find something that fit these needs. There is Beachbody program for every person out there!! If you like weights there is 21 day fix, 21 fix extreme, and the new program which I am super excited about Hammer and Chisel!! If you like pilates and yoga type workouts there is PiYo which is a combination of both and is low impact! If you like cardio and no weights, insanity max 30 high intensity workouts using your bodyweight!! The list goes on and on...but when you find something you like to do, at home, and only 30 minutes you are more likely to stay committed!!

2) Support system. Join a group of individuals who are pushing for the same goals as you and going through the same program. These support groups will help give you the extra push when you have a bad day, daily motivation to stay on track, workout, and when you want to give up. Support is crucial piece to sticking with a fitness program or goal. If you exercise with individuals with share the same goals with you it makes it fun and more enjoyable!! Everyday you are held accountable and want to succeed to share your success!! With every Beachbody program, you can join support groups for FREE!! I run 2 groups monthly to help individuals learn how to get started, stay committed, motivated, learn healthy recipes/proper nutrition, and have FUN while doing it!! The support from other women is so inspiring!!

3) Time/Putting yourself first. YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Set time aside for yourself everyday to get your workout in. With a 30 minute a day program, you can say your too busy, we are all busy!! This is 2% of your day, you deserve this time to feel good about yourself and take care of your body!! Treat working out like your job, schedule it in everyday and no matter what get your workout in!! You have to take care of yourself first to be able to take care of others!! So remember you are important and worth this time!!

4) Routine. Figure out a time that will work best for you to workout. Schedule this in everyday and follow it. For me, waking up before the little one is best so I get it done, my mind can't tell me no, and I feel great for the rest of the day!! Figure when it is best for you and stick with it for 30 days and just see how amazing you feel!!

5) Tools. The right program, nutrition plan, support, and routine are vital to being successful and staying committed to your goals!

6) Tracking your progress. The scale is not the most accurate way to measure and I tell every person I work this!! Taking good accurate measurements and before-after pictures is the tell all!! I love these 2 ways more than scale because they tell progress more than the scale!! Also, how you feel and how your clothes fit is another way to track your progress! Give your measurements/pictures to someone you trust and do a weekly check-in with them to track. I absolutely love this part of being a fitness coach!! In the support groups I help you keep track of progress and keep pushing every single day for those results!! 

Pictures tell all! 
If getting healthy and fit is a goal for your 2016, let's chat!!! Together we can achieve your goals and so much more!! My next health and fitness accountability group opens up January 4th, and I want YOU in it with me!! Drop the excuses and start right NOW!! The only thing holding you back from your before and after picture is you, you can and will be the next AMAZING transformation if you commit!! 

Fill out the application below or email me to get more information, chat, or get started!! I can't wait to ROCK 2016 and I want you with me!! 

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