Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What does a Beachbody Coach do??

I often get the question what do you do as a Beachbody? A lot of people are clueless on what a coach actually does, working out is part of it but there is more to it than that. Well let me tell you it can be broken down into 3 steps...yes just 3 steps!! I will share those 3 steps or as we call them in coaching world 3 Vital Behaviors!

So when I first started my first beachbody program, it was all for me. I wanted to lose the baby weight and once I accomplished that I figured I would be done. Then something happened when I joined my first accountability group run by my beachbody coach and lost the weight. I wanted to share this amazing opportunity with everyone!! I felt amazing, confident, and loved working out!! The accountability groups were filled with women who lifted each other up, share recipes, shared their struggles and successes, and pushed each other for greatness!! I loved I reached out to my coach and asked about the coaching opportunity. I saw that other women were changing their lives in every aspect. Women getting to stay home and still have an income, I was dreaming of the day I could stay home. So, I joined as a coach and the rest is history!

What does a coach do on a daily basis??

1) Product of the Product. Just like it sounds, you commit to a beachbody program with workouts, nutrition, and shakeology. This helps you stay accountable to your health and fitness journey!! The results you get help others know, that this is for everyone!! These programs WORK, they are at home programs (30 minutes a day) that teach you all about healthy living. No gym, no over priced training sessions. Support from women every single to crush your GOALS and go for greatness!!

2) Invite. NO you don't have to be salesy and ask people for things. You share your journey with others through social media. We share our successes, struggles, and everything in between because we are human just like everyone else. We are busy but we still commit 30 minutes a day to bettering our lives! Sharing what works for you and how they can theychange their lives too, is our main job!! We have seen results, we feel amazing, NOW we share it with the world. We have the tools to help change peoples lives physically, mentally and financially!! I think of it this way, we are doing everyone we know a disservice by not sharing this with them and inviting them to join us!!

3) Personal development. I will be honest when I first started coaching, I thought I didn't need personal development. Boy oh boy, was I WRONG!! This is critical for all the other aspects of coaching and for you as an individual. Growing, learning, developing new skills, and working on you is something everyone needs in their life daily. We need to build our minds to think positively because we live in a world where everyone is tearing each other down. NOT in coaching world we want to see others succeed and celebrate everyone's success because that means lives have been changed!! If it is 10, 15, 30 minutes however much time you can commit. Do this for 1 month and see how amazing you feel!! How positive you with every aspect of your life!! I read a book, listen to a podcast, or learn new skills I can apply to my coaching business!! Whatever it is I set a timer and commit to those 30 minutes every single day!!

There you have it, 3 steps of beachbody coaching!! Bettering yourself for overall health (mind, body, finances) and sharing it with others!! It is a win-win for everyone!! By committing to these 3 vital behaviors everyday you can CHANGE your life and the lives of so many!!
And if you are wondering, can you make an income off this?? The answer YES!! You can make a significant amount of money, the possibilities are limitless!! Your income is a direct reflection of you applying these 3 strategies every single day!!

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Check out my blog next week for the 3 types of coaching and how to make an income!!

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