Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Clear the Clutter- Feel Free

Happy Wednesday!! It was a relaxing and fun weekend for our family over Labor Day. Spent some much needed time with just us 3 and did some major cleansing of things in our house. I have a major issue with getting rid of items such as clothes or "keepsake" items. I always tell myself I will wear that or I can't get rid of that...then a few months or even a year later, there it is still not worn or used. No more of that! 

This weekend I listened to a podcast that said "we often times organize our clutter but never really go through it." DING!! That hit right at home for me, that is me summed up. I am a very organized person but I never truly rid my life of all the the clutter or unnecessary stuff. This can translate into any aspect of your life: clothes, mail, emails, cabinets, toys, negative thoughts, etc. 

We moved into our home about a year ago, I cleaned and got rid of items, but I really didn't get rid of any thing. I was holding onto things because well change is hard. Any change in life can be hard but it can also be very exciting, if we let it be! So, I knew this time I had to go through things and donate or throw away items. It was hard trust me, my husband had to put stuff in the trash or bags to donate for me because I couldn't and I would have kept it :) I want to share some tips of getting rid of the clutter and how to free your life of the unnecessary.

1) Eliminate items you haven't used in a year. This was big one for me, I have kept clothes in my closet from high school and college...bad I know! This time around my motto if I haven't worn it in a year get rid of it. 

2) Do not transfer clutter. If you are going to get rid of it actually get rid of it. Don't take the pile to another room. Take a little extra time to through it away, box it up for donating, or file the items away. 

3) Have a junk drawer. Yes you read that right, we are not perfect and don't always have the time to deal with the papers at the moment. Keep the drawer so you can temporarily place your "junk" there until you have time to deal with it. My rule for our junk drawer is to clean it out once every 1-2 weeks.

4) One room (project) at a time. Pick one spot in your house to clean from start to finish. Start with a small task such as cleaning the junk drawer then move on to something bigger the fridge or pantry. This has always been a major issue for me, I get started on something and find an item which leads to another project which leads to another and I never fully finish one. It is more satisfying to see progress and complete an item on your to-do list rather than having a lot projects hanging around uncompleted. 

All of this can translate into all the other areas of your life. For example: eliminate the negative thoughts/people from your mind/life, write them down to identify what or who is causing this. Don't transfer these negative thoughts into your day to day tasks. Have a junk drawer- we all have those days where we are just in a funk, clear these thoughts quickly, and identify at least 5 positives in your life. Pick 1 area in your life you will work on to improve throughout the week, this should lead you to live a more positive life.

Once you have cleared the clutter in your life you will feel amazing, happier, and more free! When you clear the clutter you allow the "new" to enter into your life. This is where the endless possibilities begin for your life and you can start to live the life you dream of!

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